Clinical Negligence
Medical professionals owe their patients what is known as a 'duty of care'. This means that they are responsible for providing an acceptable level of care and for protecting you from harm. As a patient you are entitled to expect reasonable standards and if these are not met, your doctors and other health professionals may have committed a breach of their duty of care. Clinical negligence is the term we use to describe cases where this duty of care is breached.

As well as caring for you, doctors are also responsible for making sure that you properly understand all the risks that might be involved in your treatment, including any surgery. This allows you to give informed consent for your treatment. If you are not given all the appropriate information, you may have a claim for clinical negligence.

There are many types of clinical negligence but most will include one of the causes outlined below:
  • If there is a delay in you being diagnosed with a condition which results in your chances of recovery being reduced
  • Badly performed surgery
  • Incorrect or inappropriate treatment
  • The failure of a medical device or product
  • A bad reaction to a drug
  • If during childbirth there is a delay in responding to signs of the baby’s distress and this leads to either the child and/or the mother being injured