Here are just a few extracts from letters and e-mails we have received from the many satisfied clients that we have processed claims for:

"P I Legal Services processed a claim for us under the new P.P.I. provisions introduced in the U.K. I paid them an upfront fee on the proviso that I would pay a further £450.00 when I received my payout. I must point out that it took well over seven months but they were successful and I was delighted to receive well over £4,000.00. Well done to P I Legal Services and a hearty thank you." - William & Margaret Wilson – Scotland

"We put our trust into P I Legal Services and we paid them an upfront fee of £400.00 to process a claim against a holiday package company based in the Canary Islands. After one year and three days we received a cheque for the sum of £8,200.00 so we were thrilled that the company came through for us. A big thank you for all of your help and advice. Well done!" - David & Kim Hague – Wales

"P I Legal Services did a claim for us against a solar panel firm based in Essex who ripped us off by selling us faulty goods however to our amazement P I Legal services helped us get our money back from the louts and we got a full refund of £3,900.00. Thanks a million P I Legal Services." - Michael & Susan Ellis – Witham, Essex

"I started a claim with P I Legal Services in November 2011. After discussing the matter with my husband we decided to put our trust in the company and proceed with the claim. Several months passed and we are extremely pleased to have settled the claim for £11,208.00 over to cheque payments. A huge thank you to Carl and the team for all your hard work and persistence." - Matthew & Rita Williams – Birmingham

"Hi Peter a great big thank you to yourself and Carl. What a pleasant surprise to get the result in reference to the money we spent with Dream Works Vacation Club. I know from initially speaking with you that you could not guarantee a full refund so we were really pleased that I did get back what I spent. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you simply because you did what you promised." - Christopher and Julie Cutts – Somerset

"We would like to give a huge vote of thanx to all the staff at P I Legal Services. When they originally suggested we could potentially get back the money we paid to DWVC under the terms and conditions of 1974 Credit Consumer Act (Sect. 75), we were super skeptical. Thanks to the expert advice given to us by their team of legally trained advisors we decided to take the plunge and now not only have we had back the lion’s share of the £11,000.00 that we lost, but we can also draw a very firm line under the whole affair. Thank you so very much." - Kenneth & Joyce Young – London

"When we first spoke to one of your agents we didn’t think we had much of a chance of getting our money back as it was several years after the event but in the end we decided to try a claim through PI Legal Services. After a few months we wondered if we had done the right thing but then we got the good news, £6,000 comes in very handy when you are retired and we are pleased to send you the balance of your fee. Thanks again." - Peter & Jane Hughes - Liverpool

"What more can I say, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone at PI Legal Services." - Jeffrey & Alice Kilson – Newcastle

"Last year when P I Legal Services team started processing 3 separate claims for us we had no idea whether we would get anything back or not but as the law seemed to be on our side we gave it a go. Thank heavens we did. One of the claims has just been settled in full for over £7,500 and with a bit of luck we may have more to come." - Ronald & Betty McKoy - Colchester, Essex

"Before using P. I. Legal Services we tried a ‘no win, no fee’ company. After months of waiting and calling we realised that they really weren’t doing anything at all with our claim so we spoke to the guys at P. I. and although they stressed there was no guarantee of success, we felt from day one that they were doing everything they could and finally today we got a cheque for the full amount we were claiming. I guess you get what you pay for." - Raymond & Enid Lewington - Manchester
(*Photographs on this page are for illustration purposes only)

Here are a few of the companies that Our Clients have got their money back from:
  • Freedom Vacation Network
  • Holiday Warehouse
  • Carpe Diem
  • NatWest
  • HSBC
  • Barclaycard
  • Northern Rock
  • Halifax
  • Van Gogh Promotions
  • Magnet
  • Bel Air Resort
  • Reclaim Ltd.
  • Citibank
  • Incentive Leisure Group
  • Go Group Leisure
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Lloyds TSB
  • RBS
  • B & Q
  • Egg
  • True Income Return Program
  • New World Energy (Solar Panel Company)
  • Designer Way Vacation Club
  • Dream Works Vacation Club
  • Alliance & Leicester/Abbey National/Santander
  • Marks & Spencer Cards
  • Tesco Finance Services
  • Financial Services, U.K.
  • National Replacement Window Advisory Service
  • Elite Travel
  • Club Class
  • Teranova
  • Holiday Solutions
  • Holiday Emporium
  • Various U.K. finance companies
  • Various U.K. insurance companies
  • Various U.K. loan companies
  • Various U.K. credit card companies